Case Studies

One of the major strengths of Textiles Alive has been their innovation - they are willing to take on challenges that others turn away in a heart beat! The Case Studies section documents just a fraction of what has bee acheived by this progressive business. Their knowledge of both fabric and print will make you pleased you called Textiles Alive!


Case Study: Divine by Design Interior and Fashion Products

The Brief:
Shelley and Dalene are the driving force behind Divine by Design. Shelley came to us with a request to print Dalene’s incredible and detailed paintings onto Fabric so they could create a range of Interior and Fashion products. Having tried several textiles printers both nationally and off shore they had all but lost hope in bringing the Artwork to life on this new form of media. We knew that with our technology and attention to detail we would be able to partner this dynamic duo and be part of creating something amazing.
The Process: 
Once we had Dalene’s paintings in digital form and had established the vision for the end product we tested a range of fabrics suitable for the end application. Katrina worked closely with the clients to ensure the colours reflected those of the paintings and that we achieved optimum colour saturation.
The Result: 
The prints were manufactured into a range of products including Cushions, Throws, Table Runners and Scarves and then showcased at the Auckland Gift Fair.  Buyers were impressed with the quality and uniqueness of the prints resulting in orders of the product exceeding their expectations (including several from our more prestigious retail outlets). Our clients were ecstatic with the results and the team at Textiles Alive are proud to have contributed to bringing their vision to reality.
“The team at Textiles Alive have been amazing from the start to the finish of our project! As a fledgling business we had very limited knowledge and understanding of fabric printing but John and Katrina have walked us and talked us through every step of the way. Their expert knowledge and experience teamed with friendliness, encouragement and a “can do” attitude make for a winning combination!
Thanks Textiles Alive!
We look forward to many more creative endeavours with you in the future.”

Shelley Taylor and Dalene Meiring -
Divine by Design



Case Study: Comfort Fabric Banners

The Brief:
Forge Media came to us with a unique situation: how do you turn LED displays in a Mall situation into tactile branding for one of their top clients?

The Process:
Working closely with Nick and Sanne from Forge Media we agreed that we initially wrapped LED plinths with foam (to create the 'soft' effect), and then fit a lycra sock over the unit.
We spent several early mornings testing and measuring at our local Bayfair Mall, along with a visit to WestField in Newmarket.
Colours were tested with proofs to Forge to approve. When the order was dispatched, to the various national locations, installations instructions were included.

The Result:
The feedback from the Mall owners were that "people would stand around these display, and just poke it and touch it!"
Nick and his crew at Forge were great to work with. They understood the uniqueness of the situation, and that there was a real cost of time and product in testing - but ultimately Forge and their client were thrilled with the result!


Case Study: Chivas Branded Bar and Lamp Shades

The Brief:
The Total Event came to us with a double request. Firstly, to rebrand the fabric panels under the Deck Bar, with Chivas branding. Secondly, to create Chivas branded lamp shades - for their client, Sky City.

The Process:
We worked with both Tania and Lucy from The Total Event, within the tight time frames allowed. Colour matching and fabric sampling were soon conquered, and a 'clever' production method used to brand the inside of the lamps, yet create a block out effect from the outside. The fabric panels, printed onto a Satin fabric, needed to be 'lined up', upholstery stapled, and installed back in place. Installation was outsourced and too place on the premises.

The Result:
The ultimate client (Sky City) was thrilled with the end result. The new look, just in time for the RWC, transformed a tired looking bar, into a branded spectacle. Total Event's Lucy and Tania chose Textiles Alive because of the 'Outside the Box' approach.