Textiles Alive use high definition digital print processes to produce sharp, stunningly vivid prints.

The Digital Advantage
Digital textile printing allows you to print gradients, tonal variations and textures like never before with imagery that blends into your design.

Direct Digital Textile Printing

For flags and banners that will be out in all elements, Textiles Alive use state of the art direct digital printers.
This provides the ultimate mix of print quality and durability as the dyes are applied with precision, and embedded in the fabric.

Digital Dye-Sublimation Printing

We have perfected the art and science of dye-sublimation, for high definition results while maintaining fabric integrity.
We first print onto paper which is then pressed onto fabric using heat and pressure. The ink is converted to a gas while the pores of the fabric open, allowing the fabric to absorb the ink. As the temperature drops these pores close, the ink skips the liquid phase to convert straight to a solid, and the print is sealed into the fabric.

Textiles Alive use only water based dyes and recyclable paper in the transfer process and have perfected the art of dye-sublimation printing. 

We maintain a wholesale only business model, so please advise your location to be directed to a preferred reseller.