OneFrame is a stunningly vibrant and easy to use interchangeable display system. Cater to your exact needs by deciding on your own size down to the last millimetre!

Sleek and stylish, OneFrame is the perfect modern medium to move brands.

Easily transported and installed, you can even add feet to create a freestanding backdrop display - the possibilities are endless!

Buy the frame once, and replace skins as needed with vibrant NZ prints.


     Sizes: Any size you need, from A3 up
     Printing: Single sided. Frame allows for images both sides.
     Frame: Silver or black robust aluminium extrusion finish.
     Fabric: TA417 Lycra or TA123G for large seamless prints - with silicone edge
     Suitability: Indoor use. Free standing or wall mounted.
     Warranty: One year on hardware.


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