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Enews #3 - Outdoor flags
17 May, 2017

are your Outdoor Flags truly attracting customers to your display stand?

Outdoor Flags

Outdoor flags may not be a new idea but when they are printed using dye-sublimation technology they will cut through the clutter being brighter, more vibrant with a better colour gamut.

The vibrancy of dye-sublimation cannot be overstated and when applied to an outdoor flag your ability to communicate your message and generate traffic has serious advantages for increasing visibility, conversations and ultimately sales.

There are various sizes to choose from when selecting your flag – some of them even big enough to put your brand in full view of everyone at the event. 

Of course, your choice of flag will come down to your budget as well as being design-led set against your site and marketing goals.

Many outdoor flags are made from durable fabric, which means they can withstand harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain and extreme heat.

This of course means there’s no need to worry about their lifetime and many of them are reusable making them a very cost-effective solution for your outdoor display.

Moreover, with dye-sublimation printing, the lifetime of your flag is expanded, making your investment go further.

Dye-sublimation is a printing process that produces high-definition graphics through natural inks that are permanently embedded into the fabric. They are long-lasting without cracking or creasing.

Outdoor flags that are printed using this technology have many advantages, these include:

Cost savings:  against conventional methods requiring screens and costly setup, dye-sublimated flags are cheaper to produce so you get more flags for your money.

  • Cost savings:  against conventional methods requiring screens and costly setup, dye-sublimated flags are cheaper to produce so you get more flags for your money.
  • Deeper richer colours:  The dyes are all solid colour and as a result produce rich and beautiful colours. 
  • Flexibility with graphics:  dye-sublimated flags can use photographic images and vignettes or shading.
  • 95% strike-through guaranteed!  See the image clearly from both sides for single sided flags. 

There are two types of flags to consider for your outdoor display: 

  • Windblades:  These flags flutter in the wind making them eye-catching; however, you don’t want to lose people with the movement so vivid colours with one word is best.
  • Cosmics:  These flags are static and so give you the advantage of being able to use more text and showcase your company logo and brand.

Speak to us about the use of the flag, whether it be event based or point of sale. Is your enquiry based around the longevity of the flag, or maximum brand impact, or some other consideration - and we’ll come up with the best option for you.

For more information please contact us.

exhibition display combo


Purchase a 6m tube wall and get a FREE demoplus 1000 table. With the local event season in full swing be sure to get some quick results.

With events like designex, safety show, foodshow, babyshow, facilities integrate, homeshow and numerous others still to come don’t delay, request a sample to get in front of your client now.

1 x TA Tube Wall, 6000mm wide x 2260mm high , dye-sublimated fabric skin printed 1-side, supplied complete with hardware in carry bag - NZD2194.04 each - list price

1 x TA Demo Counter, 1000mm wide x 500mm deep x 900mm high, dye-sublimated fabric skin, supplied complete in cardboard carton - NZD507.00 each - list price

Package List Price: NZD2701.04

Your Price: NZD2194.04

RRP: NZD5942.20 

*offer only available on specified product / offer valid till end of July or while stocks last / offer does not include colour-matching, freight or GST

For more information please contact us.

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