Textiles Alive aim to minimise any adverse environmental impact business operations may have on local ecosystems and our planet as a whole. Economic prosperity and ecological responsibility go hand in hand. A mutually beneficial relationship between the two is imperative both here in New Zealand and on a global scale.

New Zealand Made
New Zealand is the ideal place to operate sustainably and John understands that as a business owner it is his responsibility to lead by example. Textiles Alive are a member of the Sustainable Business Network, and maintain firm associations with Buy NZ Made & NZSDA. We prefer firstly to produce our own products in house in order to minimise our carbon footprint. Our recent purchase of a wide format printer is testament to our dedication to localising. We can now produce large display systems without seams right here where we can be absolutely certain the process is managed sustainably.

Low Pollutant Emissions
We do not use solvents here at Textiles Alive; all of our printers use water-based dyes. Our new machine’s streamlined printing process means it uses no paper or water. The inks themselves are water-based, containing no Volatile Organic Compounds - vastly reducing the level of pollutants being released into the environment.

Responsible Resource Management - Reduce, reuse, recycle

All the money in the world can’t save anybody from the detrimental impact of environmentally irresponsible resource management. Orders at Textiles Alive are set out to utilise the most of every roll of paper and fabric, to reduce wastage to the bare minimum. By-product which can be reused is donated to schools, early education centres and interest groups such as girl guides. Any resources not used in the production process are disposed of responsibly with comprehensive waste management systems. Recent purchases at Textiles Alive include machinery which consumes significantly less electricity than has previously been possible.

Environmentally Conscious Buying
Purchasing behaviour determines who is successful in any market and we remain conscious of this during the decision process. We aim to source from like-minded, NZ based companies to support local businesses and encourage sustainable production methods. Finally, when collaborating with our off shore allies we aim to source from business who understand their own environmental responsibility, and share similar values when it comes to sustainable business management. These business partners are visited frequently so as to avoid the dangerous “out of sight, out of mind” trap.

Continuous Improvement
Because we live in a world where planning for the future literally ensures our existence, we always strive to do better. The team at Textiles Alive review daily operations continually, to reduce our direct and indirect environmental impact. Wherever upgrades to more biodegradable options are available we initiate testing, and implement if and when it meets our standards. Any suitable improvement which supports the health and wellbeing of local ecosystems is a no-brainer.
Our current priority in this area is energy consumption, which we believe we can reduce even more so by focusing on a healthy list of small adjustments. We made some larger changes in this area this year, and have decided that often it is the smaller things adding up that are often overlooked. We aim to not only ensure compliance with regulatory requirement and relevant codes of practice, but exceed expectations so as to be the change we want to see in the world.

Our Future
In today’s world, we are fortunate enough to reap the benefits of science, technology and innovation. The combination of new research and passionate minds promises to not only help us to further reduce our environmental impact, but to go beyond this and allow businesses to contribute positively to their local ecosystems. Keeping up to date with this progress is how we remain ahead of the game. You have got to be proactive.

Operating sustainably is imperative, and in 2016 there really is no excuse to not do so!