If you’re looking for maximum impact at your next trade show then a tension fabric exhibition system might be the answer.

They’re great when messaging, engagement or education around your product or service are central to your sales and marketing strategy.

This is because they allow a high degree of creative freedom across shape, size, fabric, even printing methods, and offer one framework that can deliver multiple executions.

Fabric exhibition systems are a modern alternative that utilise a tough tension fabric sleeve and dye-sublimation printing, which produces vibrant displays that will grab the attention of your customers.

There are several styles to choose from when considering tension fabric exhibition systems including pop up, pillowcase and silicone welt displays.

  1. AdWall – Pop-Up displays are popular because they are quick and easy to set up. The fabric stays attached to the display between uses and so all you need to do is assemble the frame when you’re ready. The graphic unfolds with the frame and stretches to form a smooth image across the entire display.
  2. TubeLoc - Pillowcase displays open at one end and are stretched over the frame with push button connections between the tube sections allowing for a wrinkle free fit. This option often has curves and interesting shapes that can only be created with stretch fabric graphics. They are easy to assemble and the least likely to show wrinkles of all the display options available.
  3. OneFrame – Silicone Welt displays are easy to assemble but generally take more time to set up. The silicone welt is sewn around the perimeter of the fabric which then feeds into the channels of the extrusion and allows the fabric to be pulled tight for a perfect fit and flat finish. With this option, you have backlighting choices either around the edge of the display or as a full backlit display.

Underneath the fabric of these display systems is a lightweight aluminium framework that can come in a variety of standard shapes such as walls, counters, towers and an array of signage systems.

These are broken down, many of these being tool-free, into carry bags for easy transport and storage.

They can also be customised to include curves that allow you to take advantage of light and shadow in your display, providing depth, interest and presence.

The benefits of tension fabric exhibition systems are many. Here are the key advantages:

  • washable – dye-sublimated fabric display graphic skins are machine washable and fade, mildew and wrinkle resistant
  • portable – lightweight aluminium frame with dye-sublimated fabric graphic skins ensures transporting your display is no fuss with minimal cost
  • quick setup – the entire system joins intuitively within minutes to provide you plenty of spare time before your event
  • tool free – no tool set-up ensures simplicity without the need for an engineer or complicated drawings and fancy tools
  • interchangeable graphics – quick change-out fabric graphics skins allow you to change imagery to suit your target audience while building a library of graphic skins to use when relevant
  • eco-friendly – dye-sublimation is an eco-friendly process with eco-friendly fabrics for graphic reproduction. This coupled with the recyclable aluminium frame provides you with the ultimate green solution
  • single/double sided – for maximum flexibility and best ROI the dye-sublimated fabric graphic skins can be printed single or double sided and used as required
engage the creative with a tension fabric exhibition system