A golden rule of creating an attention-grabbing display stand is being design-led. You not only want to attract your customer’s attention but you want them to engage with you and not pass you by.

A modular exhibition system is a great solution, particularly if you’re looking for cost and time efficiencies.

Don’t make the mistake of many companies who are budget-led and simply roll out the same stand from previous events and think this will do the job. It won’t.

For sure it makes sense to reuse and repurpose your assets, but with a modular exhibition system, you can lead by design and create an attention-grabbing stand while taking advantage of cost efficiencies and minimal build times.

Modular exhibition systems can be configured in numerous ways to deliver an individualised space that meets your goals and objectives.

They allow you to produce every surface you require, including walls, counters, plinths and suspended ceilings.

Modular exhibition systems, therefore, do not restrict you in design. They have numerous components that make up the whole so it is very easy to build something unique to your brand.

From a technical standpoint, today’s modular exhibition systems are a next generation fabric and frame interlocking system that offer you fast and efficient installation on-site that can be reused (and re-configured) for future events.

They deliver a largely seamless display that maximises your space and allows your visual impact to trump the framework and structures around you.

The frames are robust in construction and engineered from lightweight aluminium. This tool-free system ensures the build and breakdown of the system remains simple and hassle free.  

The dye-sublimated fabric graphic skins ensures your stand remain lightweight, easy to use and delivers the most space efficient stand possible, leaving maximum room for people and products.  The fabric solution also offers a washable solution that can be easily changed to suit your target audience.

The various materials are also classified as carbon-neutral and therefore friendly on the environment.

Modular exhibition systems deliver the best of both worlds – they are bespoke in delivery but not in the build. They allow you to be design-led and create impact without the time and cost of a custom-built stand.

grab your customer's attention with a TubeLoc modular exhibition system