Longevity - There are many variables which affect and therefore determine how long a flag may last. The expected life will also differ across styles of flags. If all due care is taken, a flag can be expected to last many months. However, they have lasted less than three months on occasions, having been damaged by severe conditions, or by hitting against a roof or a wall during flying.
A Street Flag, by their nature and design, will have a much shorter lifespan than any other flag product.
It is advisable to use TA717 or TA700 (heat sealed) for extended life when purchasing a Street Flag or a Custom Flag that may be left out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
TA099 (double sided block out) is ideal for periodic events, indoor and outdoor. TA099 is not suitable for Custom Flags, Street Flags or Swing Arm Banners (used outside).
It is important to manage your clients’ expectations of the longevity of their flag. This time frame will vary across the range of flags that are available to you.

Fabric Choices - TA700 and TA717 flag fabric will outlast TA065 flags, due to its unique lock-knit construction. TA099 (double sided block out) is a better option for events rather than frequent point of sale usage, as long-term exposure to Ultra Violet rays (UV) can affect the fabric.
TA065 flags are ideal for Cosmic flags and have great durability and the best longevity due to no ‘fly-edge’ (as is apparent on WindBlade Flags). TA065 fabric is also suitable for Swing Arm flags (such as for Real Estate Agents) where usage is more occasional.

Ultra Violet - Water based dyes are used in the printing process and this means that Ultra Violet (UV) rays affect the flags quicker than some other print processes. Some colours will deteriorate quicker than others. UV rays and high winds cause the breakdown of fibres in flags, particularly around the extremities and sewn edges. As light does not ‘illuminate’ the back of double-sided flags,
the impression is that UV affects double-sided flags quicker. We suggest avoiding solid background colours (such as black) as these are known to fade faster than other colours.
We are continuing to research improved UV protection on all fabric options - so you can be assured you are getting the best option available.

Wind - Prevailing conditions will largely determine the longevity or the life of a flag. A flag that is flown in extreme conditions will not last as long as a flag flown in more temperate climates.

Fly Freely - To increase the life of your flag, ensure that it flies freely. It should not be impeded by surrounding structures. It is important that it is properly attached to the pole so that it does not wrap itself around it repeatedly. If you wish to maximise its life, bring it in each evening and in bad weather. Note, flags are not designed to be secured by all four corners.

Colour Matching - PMS colours are advised should you require colour-matching. While Digital Printing gives you the best chance to achieve colour accuracy, it is not always possible to achieve an ‘exact’ match therefore we always recommend an A4 pre-production proof.

Care - Expect accelerated deterioration of flags used close to coastal conditions.
The life of a flag also depends upon its flying time. A flag that is flown constantly (24 hours per day, seven days a week), cannot be expected to last as long as a flag flown during the day and then brought in in the evening or in extreme weather conditions. It must be recognised that the flying time of a constantly flying flag is more than doubled, thus its life is considerably reduced.

Print Methods - Both Digitally Printed and Screen Printed methods are available. Pricing is based on the size, quantity and number of colours within the artwork. Please contact to us to discuss the best solution for you.

 Screen Print

  • Best for colour penetration
  • Better cost where quantity is high and / or solid colours are present
  • Flag longevity same as digital TA700 ( best raw cut TA700 )
  • Better UV longevity than digital

 Digital Print

  • Ideal for complex images and / or shorter runs
  • Can be sampled at little or no cost
  • Flag longevity same as screen print ( best raw cut TA 700 )
  • PMS colour matching available
life of a flag