why your next brief needs to include silicon edge graphics

It’s a busy world out there. What is your brand doing to stand out?

We know that signage and branding options are endless (and sometimes overwhelming) and that the fast-paced, digitally-led, short attention span world we live in demands timely and attractive advertising. Add to that the brief and the budget, which mean little lead-time and cost-effective solutions. How do you tick all the boxes? Silicon edge graphics, or SEG, that’s how.

what are silicon edge graphics?

Silicone edge graphics are borderless images, designed to ensure that every inch of space is prioritised for promotion, not frames or borders. They utilise photograph quality printing to ensure a faultless finish and a modern treatment.

how do silicon edge graphics work?

The secret is all in a thin silicone strip. Using an extremely high-resolution printing method, called dye-sublimation printing, and a special tension fabric, your image is printed on to the fabric that is edged with a thin silicon strip sewn directly into it. When the graphic is then displayed in its frame, the fabric is pulled taut and the silicon strips slip into the frames grooves creating a seamless display with sleek, crease-free fabric.

image heavy campaigns rejoice!

The strength and appeal of imagery cannot be ignored – there is a reason that Instagram is so popular. SEG helps you ensure that the space identified for your display is absolutely dedicated to your image. The sleek and streamlined frames ensure that the image is the hero and that the fabric space is all image, no border. And the dye-sublimation process ensures a sharp photo-quality image with vibrant colour.

what is the dye-sublimation printing process?

Dye-sublimation printing delivers high definition results while maintaining fabric integrity – the perfect mix of both art and science. The process uses heat to transfer ink directly into the material, so it becomes a part of the graphic itself giving the finished product a bold, vibrant, and fade-resistant image that will last for years all while being produced at photo-quality level.

It is also an environmentally friendly choice; the inks we use at Textiles Alive are water-based and the paper is recyclable and as the most proficient fabric printer in New Zealand we can guarantee an unparalleled colour reproduction. 

what makes SEG so great?

  • Glare-free – signage can be seen from all angles
  • Vibrant colours – the high-resolution dye-sublimated printing technique keeps colours bright and images crisp.
  • No wasted space – every inch of the display is dedicated to the graphic, not wasted on a border
  • Sleek – this modern display technique is slick and sleek and capturing the attention of big brands and advertising agencies alike
  • Smooth – the fabric print is sized perfectly to be pulled taut within its frame, ensuring no wrinkles or distortion to the image

do the frames dictate the size?

No, they don’t. We can make what your space needs and can produce single or double sided, lit or not. It’s lightweight, streamline application is perfect for events or exhibitions when space is at a premium.

are silicon edge graphics for poster displays only?

Don’t let the word frame throw you – SEG products are cover many formats. Media walls, backdrops, counters, tabletop displays, exhibition displays and dividers and of course the more traditional POS. The point of sale execution is particularly popular due to the image reproduction quality and the ease of changing out artwork. A new fabric graphic in the post can be installed in minutes. But hotels, sports venues and modern offices are embracing SEG too.

how hard is it to change the graphics?

Each printed graphic comes with a small, almost invisible, tag placed in the bottom right-hand corner. One pull at this and the fabric starts to come out of its channels in the frame. Then the fabric can be pulled out within seconds and with no risk of damage. The new graphic is then inserted into the channels, starting at the corners and then working your way into the centre of the frame. Voila! Its ease is another reason SEG is proving so popular with retailers, anyone on the shift can install it.

the cost-effective signage solution

SEG is a very efficient signage option. Being fabric based it is lightweight and far hardier that its paper-based competitors. This means it is cheaper to ship so national store rollouts or roadshows costs can enjoy significant cost savings. And folding the fabric makes for easy storage.

If your campaign is image heavy and demands a sharp and pristine finish; if you are looking for a cost-effective, portable solution for branding that can survive wear and tear; or you want a clever retail execution that makes campaign rollouts or new seasons cost effective then Silicon Edge Graphics should be top of the list.

SEG explained