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antimicrobial wall coverings

antimicrobial wall coverings

antimicrobial wall coverings

Talk to our team about options for permanent medical grade wall coverings using the medtex+ as a surface cladding. The point of difference here is that they are manufactured with our medtex+ medical fabric textile.

The medtex+ fabric has been designed and manufactured for use in the medical sector. The product features a high-quality chemical resistant coating including treatments essential for use in the medical sector. Understanding that each application is different we can customise the solution to suit. With our OneFrame aluminium system we are able to make frames to order at any size. Supplied flat packed these frames are assembled with minimal fuss, screw fixed to existing wall or structures with medtex+ medical fabric textile installed by inserting a silicone beading that is sewn around the fabric edge so that it can be stretched taught over the perimeter of the frame and tucked into a small channel, simulating the smooth appearance of a rigid substrate, but with edgeless dimension. With a nationwide network of partners we can even arrange these to be installed for you (only where deemed absolutely essential).

medtex+ features:

  • designed and manufactured for use within the medical and aged care sector
  • polycarbonate polyurethane surface coating
  • enhanced chemical resistance
  • enhanced ageing performance
  • breathable waterhead >3000mm
  • anti-microbial
  • anti-fungal
  • fire-resistant (BS6807 / 7176 - Crib 5)
  • washable

colour: deep navy


  • attention must be given to the characteristics of any other materials that may be combined with medtex+ in the final product (e.g. dimensional stability, colour fastness, washing instructions).
  • some surface wrinkling may result from cleaning procedures. This has no adverse effect on medtex+ properties.
  • abrasive cleaning agents should not be used.
  • additionally, due to the range of cleaning equipment and conditions being used, customers should ascertain that any medtex+ fabric does perform as expected, in any given situation.
  • if customers have their own particular cleaning methods that must be used and that are not covered in this article, they should consult the supplier for further direction.

washing & disinfection

  • medtex+ needs to be treated with care when cleaning the surface.
  • many industrial cleaning agents are extremely harsh on the coating and can cause it to break down.
  • please find a list of cleaning products (with concentrations) that have been tested and approved for use on medtex+ here.
  • If your particular cleaning solution does not appear please contact us as we can test medtex+ to any method and we will respond with our findings and recommendations.
  • The normal cleaning instructions are to wipe the surface clean with a sponge or cloth with warm soapy water.
  • medtex+ is able to be washed in warm soapy water at up to 95°C.
  • do not use solvent or bleaches on medtex+
  • medtex+ is able to be autoclaved at a temperature of 134°C for 3 minutes. However, care must be taken to first clean the surface with pure water and then to make sure medtex+  fabric is not stacked on
  • top of each other without any air gap separation. Spacers should be placed between medtex+ fabric when a number of them are being autoclaved at the same time. Delete the bullet point for this line
  • medtex+ is dry-cleanable with all dry-cleaning fluids except trichloroethylene.


  • medtex+ can be tumble dried provided the operator ensures it is removed as soon as all moisture is removed.
  • medtex+ must not be left sitting on the heated bowl of the drier when drying is complete.
  • do not mangle.


  • do not iron medtex+


  • store in a cool dry area. Avoid excessive pressure and contact with non-colourfast materials.

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