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branded street flag solutions - COVID-19 essential signage

branded street flag solutions - COVID-19 essential signage
COVID-19 essential signage

branded street flag solutions - COVID-19 essential signage

Deliver critical messaging with our range of street flags to educate and direct staff & customers on process and deliver specific messaging.

This range includes a set range of product that includes our range of street flags. These could be used in a raft of applications during the coming months to deliver critical messaging. The application can be specific where street flag hardware is already installed. An application might include delivering critical messaging to the community in traditional high-traffic areas or delivering more inspirational campaigns for the upliftment of the community mindset. Generally, this product would be more applicable to local council governing bodies or various government departments executing along bus routes, high traffic area or government/private owned facilities.

messaging can include:

  • process messaging
  • disclaimer messaging
  • educational messaging
  • inspirational messaging
  • traffic/crowd control messaging

Although the categories are limited to start with, we have picked what has been most popular to date in delivering a range of COVID-19 messaging. If there is any application not covered by this product, please feel free to talk to the team or feel free to explore the broader product range here.

With a nationwide network of partners, we can even arrange these to be installed for you, especially where some of the products might be more technical to assemble.

This range of solutions is made for New Zealand in New Zealand as the country looks to systematically move out of Covid-19 restrictions. With nationwide delivery availible, be sure your business is ready for the new normal. With the global effect on manufacturing and supply, keeping manufacturing local within New Zealand has never made more sense.

The essential signage flag range includes:

note: specific to sites with street hardware already installed, if unsure feel free to talk to our team here.

The essential signage range includes:

  • branded flags & base solutions
  • branded bannerstand solutions
  • branded carpet flooring solutions
  • branded sanitiser station solutions
  • branded crowd control solutions
  • branded office & factory partitions & dividers
  • branded wall sigange solutions
  • branded counter solutions
  • branded street flag solutions

To view the product range see here

Needing products that help in minimising the spread of bacteria and viruses, see the medtex+ antimicrobial range here.

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Item of interest: branded street flag solutions - COVID-19 essential signage