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textiles alive is the leading textile-centric production house that specialises in flags, portable display solutions, fabric tension structures, textile graphic reproduction, and specialty signage for a diverse range of industries and applications.

we are constantly challenged by our clients and driven to transform their bold ideas into amazing realities. edison is famous for saying that genius is one percent innovation and ninety-nine percent perspiration. innovation is our passion, it's part of our dna and we are constantly striving to positively influence the industry by what we deliver to market.

as the principle and most proficient fabric printer in new zealand our commitment to the trade is unparalleled and thus only sell through our authorised reseller network.

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p: Auckland - 09 575 6305 | Tauranga - 07 575 6305

e: sales@textilesalive.co.nz
a: 101 Aerodrome Road | Mt Maunganui | 3116

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