colour matching

Getting the colours right is a fundamental part of your branding, customer messaging and experience. Our team are here to help you get this right.

Translating colours to the physical dye-sublimated fabric and getting an exact match can often be challenging for designers.

What’s on the screen can greatly differ from the physical product, and even if you choose colours strategically, it can be stressful when you see they just don’t match the way they should.

The design industry standard is to use the Pantone Matching System. The benefit of this is that the colours are standardized and used globally, so there is little worry, error, or confusion.

Colour matching at the best of times is considered an art and our team spends hours matching to physical samples, PMS values, CMYK breakdowns, previous jobs, and fabric charts.

When getting down to the last few percent of colour matching factors, as controlled lighting, fabric texture, direction of fabric grain and perception of the viewer come into play.

At this critical point, in conjunction with these factors personal opinion also comes in play. For this reason, we suggest you allow enough time for colour matching to your requirements.

NZMADE – local manufacture offers you full control of colour and quality from order through to delivery.