Inhouse cutting

When considering our cutting function, we have the capacity to cut 562 lineal metres per hour in house. The hi-tech European laser machine allows an optimum use of printed fabrics due to a specially developed scanning system that scans the entire bed within 3 seconds before starting the cutting process. The feeder system advances the fabric, keeps it flat and eliminates waves on the surface. By limiting the operator’s involvement, we can warrant an accurate cut every time. The machine will also compensate automatically for shrinkage and distortion eliminating the need for manual measurements. Fabrics will be accurately cut on-size with sealed edges ensuring that there is no fraying as well as cut the contour of the image.

Our plant offers not only the largest, but the only laser cutting bed in New Zealand and is able to handle fabric rolls up to 3200mm wide. The bed surface is more than 25sqm and features a series of automated feeding controls to ensure maximum efficiency. The controlled laser-cutting solution is recognised as the most advanced method of cutting textiles and incredibly the cutting point never touches the fabric. The overhead projection controlled remotely when required ensures the most accurate cut possible.

NZMADE – local manufacture offers you full control of colour and quality from order through to delivery.