outdoor signage & display

To display in the open air, is to display alfresco. The alfresco brand delivers top of the range, affordable assets to give your outdoor execution presence. The Textiles Alive New Zealand made products include flags, outdoor events signage, pop-up displays, bars, counters, branded structures, fixtures, outdoor signage and furniture.

For most, the first impression of your business begins outdoors. And we all know that first impressions last, so prioritising your efforts and investment in this area seems prudent. This is not a new concept, but it is a proven one. And similarly, some of our products are tried and true, but that’s why they are here, because they work.

Flags are generally the first thing that comes to mind when you think outdoor signage. Teardrop, blade, expand or street flags, we deliver the best quality in the shape and structure that suits your brief and engaging design. Careful consideration must be paid to the messaging, the readability, the positioning, location and the fundamental objective – brand or message. Textiles Alive has the largest flag range in the country, so if you need some guidance we can certainly help. And because we make all our products locally we build our flags for our temperamental weather conditions.

While it feels like this component of the industry may not have progressed immensely, we have certainly been hard at work expanding our offer with slick new shapes, improved printing and fabrics. We have 14 different flag types, most with up to eight size options and three or four finishing options. There are also a range of different types of flag bases available, including wall mounts, tow-bar mounts, stakes and base plates to name a few.

We also use dye-sublimation printing technique, one that produces unmatched vibrancy and precision. Dye-sublimation is a printing-process using natural inks that are embedded in the fabric to produce detailed graphics. They don’t crack or crease and are environmentally friendly. But best of all they don’t compromise on colour, being more colourful and vibrant than other printing techniques.

Flags are arguably the most common type of outdoor display, closely followed by outdoor signage and display options. Our popup display options include bars and counters as well as traditional furniture pieces, like chairs, ottomans and couches and branded bean bags in multiple shapes and sizes. All can be branded or brand aligned by colour.

Our outdoor signage covers everything from fence wraps to bunting, showing that size and scale is not an issue. Branded event and breeze barriers are a great functional product that can double as a messaging and branding outlet. These are perfect for sponsors displays, logo walls or more in-depth copy pieces especially if the are positioned in places where lines will form.

Working with us means supporting local; we’re a New Zealand owned business that is responsive and timely. We provide overnight proofs and a 5-day production lead-time, helping you to deliver to your clients’ deadlines faster.

NZMADE – local manufacture with multiple local production sites supporting local jobs and communities.