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Trade-Only Commitment
  • As the largest fabric production house in the nation, we maintain a strict trade-only business model, selling exclusively to accredited businesses. This approach ensures deep, trusting relationships with our partners, fostering a stable, secure business environment.
Benefits of Our Trade-Only Model
  • Exclusivity and Trust: Our interactions are transparent and predictable, fostering trust and maintaining exclusivity.
  • Enhanced Control Over Supply Chain: We meticulously control product distribution and pricing, protecting the market from saturation and safeguarding the value of our offerings.
  • Support for Business Growth: We provide reliable access to high-quality products, empowering our clients to integrate these into superior solutions with confidence in their quality and consistency.
Client Categories: Thinkers and Makers
  • Thinkers: This group includes creative agencies, designers, and consultants who rely on our textiles to bring their innovative designs to life.
  • Makers: Comprising manufacturers and craftsmen, these clients depend on our consistent supply of quality textiles to produce durable and appealing products.
Becoming an Accredited Client
  • Contact Your Team: Reach out via our designated communication channels to begin the accreditation process.
  • Verification and Setup: Undergo a straightforward verification process, designed to be completed within an hour, ensuring efficiency and accessibility.
  • Start Partnering: Once accredited, partners gain immediate access to our robust supply chain and exclusive product offerings.
Invitation to New Clients
  • We welcome potential partners who identify with the thinker or maker categories to join our network. Collaborate with us to enhance your capabilities and reach, benefiting from a reliable source of premium textiles and a partnership that supports and grows your business.


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