trade only

We have made a long-term commitment to our clients that our industry positioning is trade only, and we continue to honour and maintain that dedicated stance. 

Our commitment to you is a continued ‘trade only’ client model, meaning that unless you are one of our accredited clients you cannot buy direct. We believe the benefit of this is strong partnership-based interactions that protect and enhance our relationship with you and in turn your relationships with your clients.  

Our wider customer base is comprised of thinkers + makers. These can be defined as follows: thinkers: comprises of individuals and organisations who drive ideation and creative thinking as a service to their customers and on many occasions manage delivery to market.

makers: comprises of individuals and organisations who literally roll up their sleeves and apply their respective manual skill sets to manufacture and deliver either part or full turnkey solutions to their clients.

In summary these customers all buy and sell textiles alive product for profit to ensure commercial viability of their respective business.

We do welcome new clients and urge you to consider joining our collective of strategic delivery partners.

To become an accredited client, just get in touch and we can set you up in an hour.


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