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Textiles Alive is your ultimate execution partner for all fabric centric imaging solutions. As the largest textile imaging production house and fabric product specialist in New Zealand, we only supply direct to trade, protecting your relationships with your clients and strengthening our relationship with you.

Whether you want a one-off or one-thousand, we offer scalable solutions and unmatched capacity on time and on budget. From humble beginnings with two staff out the back in a garage in Tauranga 38 years ago, to the biggest, most capable fabric printing company in New Zealand, Textiles Alive has a focus on efficiency, expertise and innovation.

Fundamentally as a textile printer, we have four key disciplines, namely printing, pressing, cutting and sewing of fabric substrates particular to the dye-sublimation process. From a commercial standpoint we are constantly developing products that offer us growth opportunities and we service every industry imaginable. Over recent years this demand has seen us develop, manufacture and stock hardware to facilitate these demands. Some of these include flags, exhibition solutions, fabric tension structures, signs, counters, furniture, specialty signage, lightboxes and retail display.

At Textiles Alive we use high definition digital print processes to produce rich, vivid and precise prints. This process allows us to print gradients, tonal variations and textures without compromise. Digital Dye-Sublimation printing delivers high definition results while maintaining fabric integrity – the perfect mix of both art and science.  We begin the process by first printing on paper which is then pressed onto fabric by applying heat and pressure. Then the science kicks in, converting the ink to gas while the pores of the fabric open, allowing the fabric to absorb the ink. As the temperature drops these pores close, the ink then converts to a solid and the print is sealed into the fabric. Perfecting this process is an art, and one we believe we’ve mastered.

Our relentless focus on innovation ensures that we continue to lead the industry in best practice., world class design, the latest machinery and personalised customer service. Many of our clients have been with us since we first opened our doors and we’re proud of the fact that with growth has come improved service. We offer a nationwide service, with overnight approval processes, and have offices located in both Auckland and Tauranga. 

There are two things we value mostrelationships and innovation. We’ve remained focused on our area of expertise, textiles, but invested heavily in innovation to ensure that we can deliver the best fabrics, print and display solutions to you. And we deliver this in a way that we believe enhances our client relationships; through our ‘trade only’ model. 

Ultimately you as the client have the option to engage any part of this service in isolation or pick and mix these to work in with your requirements.  See it as a menu of services, sometimes you want every course, other times there is only room for dessert.

One component or from start to finish, let’s collaborate on delivering the best fabric solutions to your clients.