Friday July 24, 2020 14:18

We have all heard the saying, “first impressions last”, and we all know exhibition design coupled with marketing strategy focus very much on creating remarkable first impressions.

Ongoing innovation around technology plays a huge part in contributing to the latest trends within the display and exhibition sector.

We have seen the introduction of a plethora of technology based solutions delivered into this sector to either replace historic printed message hardware or to drive increased engagement by offering interactive messaging. Some of these include LED display walls, touchscreens and more recently virtual reality.

The reality being that the most significant development in recent years is the illumination of messaging in the display and exhibition industry. Although illuminated messaging is nothing new, it’s the simplicity of what is available today that is driving this trend.

With an ever increasing selection of off the shelf hardware combined with ease of installation exhibition has never been easier.

In 2020, illuminated portable displays and lightboxes for use in exhibition, experiential and corporate events are more accessible and affordable than ever imagined.

portable lightbox display walls and bannerstand displays

The OneFrame-GO portable lightbox is the ultimate modular fabric tension lightbox system in the market today. It will allow you the freedom to design to the specific requirements of the brand for any given event.

From a technical standpoint, the OneFrame-GO ultimate fabric tension exhibition systems are a next generation fabric and frame interlocking system that offer you fast and efficient installation on-site that can be reused (and re-configured) for future events.

They deliver a largely tiled visual display that maximises your space and allows your visual impact to trump the framework and structures around you.

The modular frames are robust in construction and engineered from plastic to keep weight down. This tool-free system ensures the build and breakdown of the system remains simple and hassle free. 

With all of the different signage medias that are out there, it can be difficult to choose the right application that will be visually effective at getting attention, while remaining economical. OneFrame-Go portable lightbox displays are available to accomplish just that. In fact, the OneFrame-GO illuminated portable display range offers countless advantages over traditional printed signage applications.

Fabric pop-up portable lightboxes are popular in both event and retail environments because they have a fashionable frameless look and display printed fabric skins that audiences notice. Changing out Silicone Edge Fabric Graphic System (SEG) skins is a simple process that can be achieved with minimal effort or know how. A silicone beading is sewn around the graphic so the fabric can be stretched taught over the perimeter of the frame and tucked into a small channel, simulating the smooth appearance of a rigid substrate, but with edgeless dimension.

The dye-sublimated fabric is lightweight and durable, much less cumbersome than traditional medias. This makes OneFrame Silicone Edge Fabric Graphics (SEG) more friendly for larger signage applications. Also, fabric can be folded, so shipping and storage is much more economical. Not only are shipping costs lower, the risk of damage is almost non-existent when handling.

With the OneFrame-GO backlit illuminated displays both single or double-sided illuminated lightbox applications are all possible.

The OneFrame-GO freestanding portable lightbox is hassle-free, tool-free, portable, cost effective and maintain the integrity of your brand with no compromise. 

Within this range both a portable lightbox bannerstand, fully illuminated backlit display walls and custom lightbox configurations are available.

Illuminated portable lightbox counter displays

Experience a true 360-degree backlit marketing surface that is sure to light-up your next event space! The TubeLoc illuminated range of counter displays are part of our relentless focus on product research and development to bring you the latest technologies available today.

The TubeLoc Illuminated lightbox counter displays are sure to set you apart from all others with a collection of shapes delivered as part of our range of illuminated display counters. Currently within the range of backlit counters and plinths we offer square, rectangular and round shapes with a few more in development.

The construction of these are definitely next generation and with the industrial inflatable inner core (TPU – thermoplastic polyurethane) these will provide you the structural integrity coupled with the ability to achieve maximum portability. A self-locking quick-release air valve makes it easy to inflate without losing air and just as easy to deflate with the push of a button. This ultimate portability ensures your displays can be stored effortlessly or be shipped to your next event in the most cost effective manner. With an assembly time of 25-seconds from flat-packed to fully inflated why would you spend your time on any other display solution.

The lighting system has been specifically developed for use with these fabric displays to ensure the most vibrant and even illumination of any illuminated display ever! The dye-sublimated lightbox fabric graphic skins ensure your stand remains lightweight, easy to use and delivers the most space efficient stand possible, leaving maximum room for people and products.  The fabric graphic can easily be changed to suit your target audience and is washable.

So in keeping with the TubeLoc range this remains a tool-free delivery to keep this simplified resulting in less time spent onsite with installation, but still allowing you to deliver a design-led engagement space and create impact without the time and cost of a custom-built stand.

The portable Illuminated lightbox counter displays are perfect for product launches, food sampling, ticketing, retail counters, promotional displays, exhibition counters or as part of a wider event delivery comprising of a multitude of fabric tension display elements to ensure a successful execution at your next event.

unique & custom illuminated lightbox structures

Recent trends have seen traditional booths with mounds of open walkable space revert to fully enclosed designs that include branded illuminated ceilings and walls to suit both the brand aesthetic and activity on the stand.

Large format, custom-built illuminated backlit structures produce vibrant imagery that’s visible from a distance. For the ultimate exhibition delivery, integrate our custom made illuminated suspended frames and structures into your booth design.

When looking at 3-dimentional custom made lightboxes or more complex illuminated overhead shapes be sure to talk to our team. The most common illuminated lightbox hanging sign are fully enclosed shapes including square, rectangular and round bespoke lightboxes.  Illuminated suspended shapes and lightboxes suspended four meters off the floor has proven popular in bespoke deliveries as it not only uses the dead space above your exhibition but creates intimacy with an illuminated ceiling and can be seen from a distance.

OneFrame silicone edge (SEG) lightbox system can be used to custom build any illuminated element to be used as part of your next event space. Single or double-sided, illuminated lightboxes, wall-mounted, ceiling suspended, 3-dimensional shapes, backlit portable fabric displays or free-standing applications are all possible. This makes the system ideal for the delivery of high-end custom designed and manufactured exhibition stands. 

So when next considering a premium custom designed exhibition execution, be sure to consider the OneFrame silicone edge (SEG) lightbox system for your customised delivery.


Illuminated displays both portable and custom design and build will continue to be one of the largest display booth design trends currently and an effective way to deliver brands to the consumer that will go noticed.

With more innovative and affordable backlit trade show display options hitting the exhibition market each month, backlit trade show displays will soon move from being a marketing trend, to being a marketing staple.

illuminated portable displays explained
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