Inhouse sewing

When considering our sewing function, we have the only dedicated sewing team in the country running our state-of-the-art finishing equipment. The collective sewing team come all walks of life and bring their sewing and finishing skills to some of the most complex fabric deliverables imaginable, these people are probably the smartest in the building. We boast a suite of European finishing machines, including fully automated sewing machines through to more manual specialised equipment, to allow us to service our client’s needs in the dye-sublimated graphic production. This choice allows us to ensure the highest quality and flexible solutions when finishing and manipulating the dye-sublimated textile imagery.  

Across our finishing team and machinery, we are able to collectively sew 238 lineal meters per hour in house. The skillset within the finishing team has been built up around our customer’s requirements and ranges from standard product with astronomical quantities through to small run bespoke items that are manufactured under contract.  

We use our machines to ensure that we achieve consistency within our finishing and to achieve undeviating high-quality flat seams, curved seams, and correct positioning. This reduces production time so our finishing team can spend more time on working on collaborated bespoke projects where they really shine.

NZMADE – local manufacture offers you full control of colour and quality from order through to delivery.