Friday September 18, 2020 10:14

Inflatable technology has come along in leaps and bounds in recent years. The simplicity of the system and various technological advancements has reduced the cost of manufacture considerably.  Latest inflatable trends have seen the use of dye-sublimated graphics in mainstream signage, display and exhibition which has helped thrust the inflatable technology to the fore.

Inflatable construction: The appeal of the inflatable range of display products is the small number of components and simple assembly. Scale is easily achieved as 90% of the volume is made up of air that is encapsulated by a bladder with triple heat-welded seams and some incredibly smart valve technology, finished with a changeable fabric skin. Unlike older technology; there is no longer a need to power to the unit with a continuously running motorised pump. This durable proven construction design enables these items to be used either indoors or outdoors.  

Inflatable branding: Graphics for inflatables are produced as full-colour graphics skins that are printed from supplied artwork which ensures every delivery is on-brand.  Graphics can be produced as either an external or internal grade graphic. The branded cover is manufactured using a process called dye-sublimation that not only offers you the most vibrant colours, but is eco-friendly, washable and being a digital process allows you to produce complex imagery.

Inflatables make you memorable: With non-traditional shapes more easily executed and a contrast of more organic flowing forms vs traditional linear lines you are sure to make an impression that will last.

Inflatables are multifaceted: Increased volume and branding surface provide plenty of surface area to deliver your message and brand no matter your viewing angle or application.

Inflatables are comfortable: Event seating has never been so dynamic. From a bag to a comfy seat with nothing but air. Change the design of the seating or even the air pressure to deliver a seating experience like no other.

Inflatables are weatherproof: Inflatable structures provide protection from the sun, wind, rain or snow ensuring your event success is not dictated by weather. The materials used in the construction of inflatables are robust and provide durability with use in the elements.  

Inflatables are structural: In contrast to traditional displays with engineered frames inflatables are structural simplicity at its best. With nothing but air, a bladder and a graphic skin these displays are able to main shape and form. The technology allows these structures to be immense delivering massive scale, height and increased visibility.

Inflatables are easy to assemble: No matter if you are doing it yourself or have an external provider setting these up for at each event inflatables are simple to assemble and breakdown. This in turn results in less time before and after the event.

Inflatables are portable: The design and technology delivers massive scale in relation to the packaged item. A comparison between what is delivered at event and what is needed to freight and store between events shows just how portable these items are in relation to any competing solution.  

Inflatables deliver changeable graphics: The branding is made easy with a removable zip-on fabric cover that can be changed to suit your brand or target audience. This allows customers to build up a library of graphic skins to be used on the same hardware across a range of events throughout the event calendar.

Inflatables are fun: With technology available today, there is not much that cannot go into an inflatable.  From LED lights to Christmas lights, these structures can really blow the minds of your customers with just a few special touches.

Our inflatable range includes, inflatable dome gazebo, inflatable arch, inflatable tower, inflatable couch, inflatable chair, inflatable ottoman, inflatable counters, inflatable bannerstands and a custom-made inflatable option for those specific requirements. Some of these can even be illuminated internally for added functionality and impact.

In conclusion it is apparent from the above features and benefits that the return on investment, flexibility, application and scale of inflatables delivers a functional and aesthetically pleasing range of display collateral and signage that can be used at your next event, exhibition or experiential event campaign.  



inflatable event displays - how & why they work
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