We prefer to produce our own products in-house to minimise carbon footprint, ensure materials are recycled where possible and that the manufacturing process is sustainably focused. But we also know that by being New Zealand made we can offer a service that our competitors simply can’t.

At Textiles Alive we pride ourselves on our overnight proofing policy and our five-day lead time for many of our products. By keeping our manufacturing local we can deliver the best service, that is timely, personal and precise. It also means less room for error and a turnaround time international suppliers just can’t compete with.

Where ever possible we also use local suppliers and partners to ensure our New Zealand made ethos permeates everything we do. It also means that we support other local businesses and pay it forward – just like many of you do. 

We are a member of the NZ MADE organisation, showing our staunch support of our local manufacturing prowess and contribution to our economy. We are proud of our fair and diligent work ethic and our self-imposed high production standards. 

New Zealand Made
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