We all must start somewhere, and although our business more than 43 years back started from humble beginning to what you see today, its core beliefs and focus remain unchanged.  The one consistent over this time, being as strong then as it is now, is its people and their dedication to leading the industry in what we do.

"At the centre of great companies are great people, passionate about what they do."

Textiles Alive is full of smart, driven people who truly care about getting the job done right and delivering the best service to our clients. Our people pride themselves on becoming a valuable extension of our clients' teams. And as a result, our people are a primary reason our clients would recommend our offer to others.

There are over 30 of us at Textiles Alive that bring 185+ years’ experience and industry knowledge to work each morning and then deliver creativity and innovation, precision and passion to Textiles Alive products and clients each day.  We have pragmatic drive for action that starts Monday morning 8am and doesn't let up. We rally clients with our infectious energy, and we balance challenging and co-creating with our clients with helping them develop internal capabilities to ensure they can create repeatable results.

Our "one team" attitude ensures that everyone contributes, and nobody takes themselves too seriously. Our collaborative working style emphasizes teamwork, trust, and tolerance for diverging opinions. People tell us we are down-to-earth, approachable, and fun and we think that’s pretty awesome.

We firmly believe that it is people that make the difference that’s why we work hard to provide a working environment we all can enjoy and can thrive in. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions, challenge conventional thinking, use their initiative, and build relationships.  We are united in our desire to succeed and make a difference and have shared pride in our outputs that ensures we all execute well and deliver to the highest standard.

NZMADE – local manufacture offers you full control of colour and quality from order through to delivery.