Textiles Alive aims to minimise any adverse impact the business operations may have on our environment. Economic prosperity and ecological responsibility go hand in hand. A mutually beneficial relationship between the two is the only way to ensure long term business development both here in New Zealand and on a global scale. We’ve taken many steps to ensure that this is not lip-service but is intrinsic to the way we do business.

Low Pollutant Emissions – we prioritise using water-based dyes to avoid solvents in our printing process. These water-based dyes contain no Volatile Organic Compounds  that would otherwise be washed into the waterways.

Responsible Resource Management – we embrace a waste reduction programme to ensure that paper, fabric, ink and water wastage is kept to the bare minimum. Orders are closely managed and any by-product that is reusable is donated to schools, early childhood education centres or interest groups such as Girl Guides. Our comprehensive waste management system disposes responsibly of any other resources.

Environmentally Conscious Consumption – in any instances where we can’t produce or manufacture ourselves, we aim to source from like-minded, New Zealand based businesses to support other local businesses and sustainable production methods. If there is no reasonable local option, we collaborate with international businesses that understand their ecological responsibilities and share similar values regarding sustainability.

Continuous Improvement - as we live in a world where planning for the future literally ensures our existence, we always strive to do better. We ensure an ongoing review of daily operations, to reduce our direct and indirect environmental impact. Wherever upgrades to more biodegradable options are available we initiate testing and implement when it meets our standards. Any suitable improvement which supports the health and wellbeing of local ecosystems is a no-brainer. We aim to not only ensure compliance with regulatory requirement and relevant codes of practice, but exceed expectations so as to be the change we want to see in the world.

Future - In today’s world, we are fortunate enough to reap the benefits of science, technology, and innovation. The combination of new research and passionate minds promises to not only help us to further reduce our environmental impact, but to go beyond this and allow businesses to contribute positively to their local ecosystems. Keeping up to date with this progress is how we remain ahead of the game - you have got to be proactive.

NZMADE – local manufacture with multiple local production sites supporting local jobs and communities.