textile dye-sublimation printing

At Textiles Alive, we offer complete flexibility in the way you engage our services. This approach has attracted many clients who want to work with us to do some of the process but complete other components themselves. Whether you need printing only or printing and cutting, once in a blue moon or with the change of season. No matter the requirement, we can work together to determine the best way to meet your needs when you need us.

Much of our work in this area is for bespoke fashion and interiors printing, but the scope extends further than you would believe – sporting goods, medical supplies, costumes, soft furnishings, seat covers, cushions, upholstery, film and tv set components, parachutes, acoustic wall linings, kites, car covers, curtains and the list goes on. Think fabric, think opportunity. For us this part of the business continuously generates the most exciting and interesting projects as it prompts our diversification into other industries.

For each of the above there was an individual scenario of what they wanted Textiles Alive to complete and what they wanted to finish themselves. This is where our flexibility and partnership mentality shines. We are more than happy to tailor our services to your needs, cutting only, printing and cutting, or all of the above, we can, and are happy to, help.

With our automated cutting equipment, we also offer a pattern cutting service. Utilising our laser cutting technology we can pre-cut all patterns and supply the pieces back to you for production.

Print or print and cut on demand – one-offs, small runs or inconsistent or unpredictable printing may mean that you need fabric printing services on an irregular basis.

Print or print and cut under contract – more consistent needs aligned to product runs or seasonal productions. An ongoing relationship where we work together to meet production deadlines.